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It has been recorded that on an average, 80% of seniors suffer from at least one chronic health condition, and 68% suffer from two or more.

Yet, 80% or more of these can be controlled by making minor alterations to our lifestyles.

While the general rules of health and wellbeing might apply to every human being alike, heredity, socio-economic conditions, routines, diet, and a lot more impact the overall wellness of each individual, that needs independent health monitoring for accurate and sustainable results.

In addition, the post-Covid world has turned its attention to the need for self-monitoring and instant access to medical history and data in an accurate, seamless, and integrated manner for both – the patient as well as doctors and medical staff across the spectrum.

This, in short, is the Sensesemi Story.

A technology-enabled device that is the seamless integration of data points for a wide range of applications, Sensesemi allows you to record, store, and retrieve your health data in the simplest, yet most comprehensive manner digitally.


To see a world that has access to customized healthcare facilities empowered by data-driven, informed decision making.


To make the medical consultation process as seamless as possible by providing the relevant information to patients, doctors, and everyone
else involved through the process of administering healthcare facilities across a wide range of scenarios and solutions.

Why Us?

The concept of Sensesemi was inspired by the personal experience of seeing a close family member fight hypertension and diabetes. Having faced several complicated challenges that came with chronic disease management first-hand, we have ensured that our products are as convenient to use as they are effective.

Reliant on technology in both the 2D and 3D spaces, we have developed a product that helps benefit various stakeholders of the wellness industry including, but not limited to:

  • Cuffless Blood pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Rural healthcare systems that are already fighting problems related to low literacy levels, low awareness levels, and lesser accessibility to healthcare facilities

Open to technology, software, and hardware-based collaborations, this also becomes a highly viable option for both corporate centers, fitness brands, and Social Service Foundations to further their cause of healthcare and wellbeing.

We are Data-driven

In a data-driven world of the 21st Century, we harness the power of quality, classified information, analysed and organized to make better informed decisions, while also empowering others to do so with a simple, easy to understand and use interface.

We Offer Turn-Key Solutions

Well begun is half done, but when it comes to health, sometimes, it is not enough. This is where we come in – to fill in the missing gaps between service seekers and providers in the health industry, paying attention to the minutest of details from an experiential point of view and more.

Your Privacy is our Priority

Being a data-intensive product, at Sensesemi we uphold the privacy and trust factor of our users at the highest priority. We work with the highest level of integrity and inspire confidence amongst all those involved with the brand including our own employees and clients alike.

We Belive in Constant Innovation

Technological innovation lies at the core of our business model. Channelizing, upgrading, and updating our systems constantly allows us to deliver novel solutions that are both challenging norms, while also providing the most effective, simple, and user-friendly solutions to overcome them.

new device


Most people need to visit a doctor during an emergency. However, there are many steps that can be taken before it gets to that stage. Understanding these steps, monitoring changes in conditions, and being able to present the relevant data to the relevant authority, are all critical in saving the patient and his or her family a heap of stress, pain, and trouble.

Filling in the gap between patient and doctor, our device SenseH   With zero downtime and an effortless onboarding process, the device integrates with existing workflows to help measure: Should be highlighting the technology of acquiring (simple device)

  • Cuffless Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • SPO2 Levels
  • Body Tempreture
  • Glucose/Blood Sugar Levels
  • 6-12 Lead ECG

Features of the SenseH

Ergonomic, Lightweight, Portable design

Easily connects to authorized mobile Applications

Prolonged battery life

Storage to cloud in real time

Minimal Storage / Memory Required

Remote Configuration

Wireless data transfer using Mobile and Blutooth

Convenient and User friendly Android and IOS app

Ai based algorithm for Data analysis and presentation

Why SenseH?

As international markets continue to see increased innovation and investment in health monitoring devices and systems, SenseH steers the
field with cutting edge technology and global standards across various parameters including:


Operational Efficiency

Integrated data history in one place allows the patient, his/her family and the medical fraternity an enterprise platform to monitor, track, and use key information faster and more efficiently while simultaneously ruling out the risk of manual error with data entry.


Simplified User Experience

With an effortless manner of recording and retrieving information, remote health monitoring opens the door to highly specialized services being offered to a wider range of audiences globally.


Secure Data Integration

Although it is available at the tip of your fingers, utmost priority has been given to data security keeping in mind the criticality of personal information stored by the device.


Ease of Acquiring

Complementary to existing systems around the world, a simple, non-disruptive onboarding process makes SenseH the easiest device to adapt and work with.


Transparent Partner Integration

With a detailed software development kit designed for those interested in providing the technology developed by SenseSemi, we offer a complete collaboration module that benefits all stakeholders mutually including the end-users.

Our Leadership Team

Executive Team

Member 1



A serial entrepreneur for most of his life, he brings application and tech-based innovation to the company.

Member 2



Vishweshwar, or Vishy, as he is fondly called, is the most focused man in the Sensesemi system, pulling the team together when it is needed the most.

Member 3



A man who builds electronic gadgets for fun, Ramesh, our VP of Engineering, does the same for work with us.


Advisor Team

Member 1



Pouring a background of 3 decades’ worth of engineering mastery, she is the forerunner on all things related to research at the company.

Member 2



Guiding us on the ground realities of the healthcare sector from various perspectives as medical advisor, Dr.Uday contributes immensely to the application side of our endeavour.


Our Users

The SenseH is a device that allows easy data collection, organization, analysis, and application. When integrated with existing operations at an organization, especially in the healthcare industry, we help you save time, money, and resources in terms of staff members that would otherwise be unproductively occupied sorting out data points that the device manages automatically for you.

This combination of device and software is most effective for


Healthcare Fraternity

Several individuals and organizations around the world are working in the area of rural healthcare and wellbeing in both the rural and urban landscape. Onboarding a digital system like SenseH allows them to widen their scope and reach by having the software work on the backend, allowing them to use their time more productively and catering to a larger number of people on the whole.


Medical Organizations

With access to real-time data the doctor, clinician, or technician can monitor and identify changes in pre and post treatment conditions faster, more consistently, and seamlessly. Saving on: time, effort, and energy, they can serve more patients in a day with information recorded, analysed, and provided by hospital management software on finger tips..


Health / Fitness Freaks

A sudden or extreme change in our vital stats is the first sign of something being wrong internally. Investing in SenseH for monitoring these, especially in a pumped up environment like a gym where users tend to overshoot their capabilities, is critical in preventing fatal or irreversible tragedies.


Corporate Companies / Industries / Institutes

Sedentary lifestyles have become the norm for a majority of the population today. This makes identifying irregularities within the system more difficult than before because they silently crawl onto the individual, making themselves known only when it is too late. A small, portable, handy device like SenseH can help monitor and identify these in time.


YOU - Any Institute or Organization

With an intent to help SenseH reach as many individuals as possible, Sensesemi has designed some extremely convenient collaborative modules that can be tailor made to suit your exact goal and requirement, including the options of IP Licensing, SDK integration, and other forms of customization.



How to monitor vital stats using SenseH?

Do I need internet connectivity to use the device?

What is the battery life of this device? / Is this device rechargeable? / How is this device powered?

Do I need an individual device per user or can I track the data for multiple users on one device?

Does the device need any maintenance? / What is the maintenance procedure for the device?

Are there any precautionary measures to follow before using the device?

Who all has access to the information saved on the device?

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