Healthcare industry has made great advances from diagnostics to invasives. Digitization of this sector is underway, there is a long way to go. Especially in the field of monitoring health statistics and providing comprehensive data to people who need it – doctors, administrative staff, paramedics, researchers, corporations, even patients themselves! It could be the case of chronic diseases that need careful observation lest other related diseases accompany them. It could be a medical emergency where the patient is not in a state to inform the medical practitioner of allergies. Or a simple visit to a new doctor. In all these cases, the need remains the same. A thorough yet relevant historical datafile on the patient.
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Our vision is simple, to improve the health of as many people as possible.
Everyone deserves to be healthy. SenseSemi imagines a world where nobody with a health history misses out on the opportunity of receiving the best-informed, customized healthcare.


By empowering healthcare professionals with all the data they need to make the most ideal health choices for their clients patients.
We are changing the way healthcare is administered. Not all doctors have access to all the data they need. Even patients/consumers don’t have a way to store their medical histories smartly for seamlessly consulting with doctors. SenseSemi completes this missing blank by acquiring the vital data, running intelligent analytics that organize it professionally, and making it easily available to the right people who need it, when they need it, in a secure manner.

Products and Solutions

The SenseSmart device is an intelligent integrated device which can do blood pressure monitor, minimal ECG, can measure SPO2, can measure body temperature and a glucose monitor in a handheld integrated and personalized form factor.
The device is extremely useful for patients with chronic diseases and post-operative patients with historical data available at any point of time. The structured historical data is one of the important parameter in making some decisions by the doctor. Hence Sensesmart becomes extremely useful for the medical feternity in capturing the data and taking appropriate decisions based on the historical data captured.
SenseSmart is connected to the mobile via Bluetooth, which connects to the cloud via simple android/IoS app on the customer mobile and stores all the readings, runs sensesemi analytics algorithm and forwards them to the personalized doctor and the respective user.
The vitals are specific to a particular person.
SenseSmart gives the flexibility to the doctor for defining the margins of each of the vital to that particular user.



Vijay Muktamath

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur, returned from Australia with one vision, making India and world live a healthier life with Technology



When not guiding the team on complex semiconductor design, Veena can be found in Research activities

Vishy M

Chief Architect

Vishweshwar commonly known as Vishy is so focused in the system that he has to be asked wake-up Architect



Ramesh is a technical, meticulous and a methodical person, when not working, he builds electronic products for fun.

SenseSemi Ikigai


Why us?

We believe in making use of quality, classified data to make better informed decisions. This is manifested not only in the product we present to the world, but also in the way we make decisions in our work every day.
Well begun is only half done. We finish what we start, and value thoroughness in every aspect. From the quality of the data we manage to the details we pay attention to, completeness is a very highly held trait here.
Just as no patient-doctor relationship is complete without trust, SenseSemi too believes in upholding the privacy of our users. We work with a high level of integrity and inspire confidence among our employees as well as clients.
Innovation is at the core of our business model. Doing things differently, coming up with novel solutions where none existed and challenging the norms are just some of the things we do on a daily basis.