Our Flagship System On Chip

Internet of Medical Things

Revolutionizing healthcare with interconnected medical devices.

Internet of Things

Connecting devices to enhance efficiency and convenience.

Intelligence at Edge

Bringing AI to edge devices.

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Wireless Interface

  1. Secure data transfer
  2. Seamless connectivity

Out-of-the-box connectivity features. Suitable for wireless networks that use point-to-point and point-to-multi-point architecture

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AI Accelerator for Edge

  1. Efficient processing
  2. Edge computing capabilities

Low power AI accelerators for edge computing play a crucial role in enabling efficient and high-performance AI inference tasks on edge devices.

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Ultra Low Power

  1. Energy-efficient design
  2. Extended battery life

'Ultra low power' enables a level of power consumption that is extremely low, thus making battery operated devices last really long.

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Performant MCU

  1. Powerful processing capabilities
  2. Rich peripheral integration

Optimal balance between performance and power. Easy to program against. Simplified firmware development.

security Logo

Security at its best

  1. Robust encryption
  2. Secure boot process

Inbuilt protection for both all states. Multiple measures to safeguard systems, data, and users against a wide range of threats and vulnerabilities.

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Highly Configurable

  1. Higly configurable applications
  2. Adaptable to various use case scenarios

Supports multiple types of the workflows and customizations. Handle variety of use case requirements.


Low Power Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

  1. Patient Monitoring Devices
  2. Wearable Health Trackers
  3. Point of Care Devices

Consumer Devices

  1. Smart Lighting Systems
  2. Smart Thermostats
  3. Home Security Systems
  4. Smart Agriculture

AI Enabled Edge Computing

  1. Edge AI
  2. Embedded Systems with ML Workloads
  3. Easy Integrations with Edge Data Pipelines
  4. Suitable for Variety of Workflows