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Most people need to visit a doctor during an emergency. However, there are many steps that can be taken before it gets to that stage. Understanding these steps, monitoring changes in conditions, and being able to present the relevant data to the relevant authority, are all critical in saving the patient and his or her family a heap of stress, pain, and trouble.

Filling in the gap between patient and doctor, our device SenseH® with zero downtime and an effortless onboarding process, the device integrates well with existing workflows.

  • Cuffless Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • SPO2 Levels
  • Body Tempreture
  • 6-12 Lead ECG

Features of SenseH

Ergonomic, lightweight and portable design

Easily connects to authorized mobile applications

Prolonged battery life

Storage to cloud in real time

Minimal requirements of storage and memory

Remote configuration

Wireless data transfer using mobile and Bluetooth

Convenient and user friendly Android and iOS apps